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Thursday Quick Thought : Easter

It’s that time of year again, when the ‘Easter is a pagan holiday and Christians shouldn’t celebrate it’ crowd goes all out to convince everyone that they are somehow going to be completely out of God’s favor if they dare to call the holiday Easter instead of Ressurection Day.

Poppycock and balderdash. Here’s a good article showing how the ‘Easter is really a pagan holiday’ argument is most probably revisionist misinformation. Besides, even if the holy day (or holiday for you secularists) and its’ associated traditions DO have pagan origins EASTER HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH THE RESSURECTION OF CHRIST FOR SO LONG THAT IT DOESN’T IMPACT OUR OBSERVATION OF IT TODAY!

OK, I’ll quit shouting now. My suggestion for the holiday: Ignore the Bunny Who Stole Easter, rejoice in the fact that Jesus proved his power to save us from sin and death by His ressurection, and have a holy and blessed Easter or Ressurection Day or whatever you choose to call it.

He is Risen Indeed!!